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    Can a PT lesson be interesting and fascinating? Maybe, any lesson can be just like this, if a teacher and pupils arrive at an understanding and are interested in developing themselves. Every year more and more schools where teachers keep in step with the time occur in Ukraine. Children wait for PT lessons with pleasure there.

   As a part of a sport event on May 19th, 2016 at lyceum №20 in Kyiv a presentation of petanque as a variative module of PT at schools took place. Now a school teacher can include a PT lesson with elements of petanque into the educational program.

   Petanque develops strength, accuracy, deftness, keenness of vision, will and self-control. One more positive aspect of this kind of sport is possibility of playing the game outdoors. By the way, everybody can play – even those pupils, who are free from PT lessons, who can’t run, for example. 

   Ukrainian Federation of Petanque started to realize its program of organizing petanque lessons at schools two years ago. Documents about including petanque into a PT lesson in the educational system of schools were given to the Ministry of Education and Science. Besides, the program was developed and the Ministry confirmed it. In Ukrainian cities there are a lot of grounds, where it is possible not just to play petanque at a PT lesson, but also to create petanque clubs. 

   The representatives of France Embassy in Ukraine were present at a holiday: Cultural Affairs and Cooperation Advisor Pascal Slivanski, Attache of the University and Scientific Cooperation Silven Rigolle and Attaché for Cooperation in the Field of French Language Virgini Vilshanzh. As carriers of the game they demonstrated a petanque performance for lyceum pupils. Children from 4-7 forms tried their opportunities in this sport game. Between the UFP and France Embassy in Ukraine some agreements about supporting the development of petanque in Ukrainian schools were reached. In Kyiv on May 21st, 2016 the presentation of petanque took place as a part of celebrating the Day of Europe in Ukraine. We were playing with Isabel Dyumon - Ambassador of France in Ukraine, and Igor Zhdanov - Minister for Youth and Sports.

   Ukrainian Federation of Petanque is organizing events about teaching pupils not just in Kyiv, but also in Kharkiv, Dnipro and Khmelnitskiy. By the way, every year new cities interested in the game are occurring and they are following the UFP.




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